Passover and Easter: The True Story

Passover and Easter: The True Story

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Click here to download Dr Welsh’s  full Notes:  1 PASSOVER and Easter- The True Story. The festival of Passover is a convocation established by Yahweh as an annual memorial feast under the Old Covenant with Israel. It celebrated Yahweh sparing (“passing over”) households under the protective sign of the blood of the Paschal lamb on the night of Abib 14, 1490 BBY (similar to April 14, 1490, BC) when Yahweh destroyed the 1st born of each house in the kingdom of the Egyptian Pharaoh with his gods, and Yahweh freed the Israelites from bondage in the Exodus.  The Passover foreshadowed Yahshua, the lamb of Yahweh who shed His blood to save believers from sin and translate them into Yahshua’s kingdom protecting them from the wrath of Yahweh’s final judgment upon Satan and his kingdom.

The Christian holiday of Easter is often compared to the Passover but Easter actually comes from ancient spring season fertility celebrations of pagan gods.  The only mention of the word Easter in the KJV Bible is in Acts 12:4 where it is clear that it refers to the Passover.  Simply read the context, footnotes and references.  Passover is used in Judaism to commemorate the Jews exodus and liberation from bondage in the days of Moses.  Easter is used by Christians to commemorate the resurrection of the Messiah and liberation from the bondage of sin and death.

Yahshua’s death on the cross was on the Friday of the Passover, and his resurrection was the 3rd day or Sunday of the Yahweh’s feast day when the High Priest raised up a sheaf of first fruits to present it to Yahweh.  Modern Easter celebrations have incorporated many other symbolisms from other spring rituals, including pagan ones used in idolatry.  Likewise, modern Passover festivals include many changes from the original ordinances which were divinely instituted by Yahweh to reveal his purpose and plan of salvation.  If we closely examine the original set up of the Passover, Yahweh shows a rich spiritual tapestry of types and shadows which represent him and his loving mercy for us.

Passover means to spare, skip over or protect.  Yahweh’s death angel spared the first born of the Jews in Egypt, but only skipped over houses that were protected by the sign of the blood of the Passover lamb on their doors.  Likewise, he spares our soul from death and skips over the punishment we deserve for sin.  But this salvation by grace is only granted to those who are in the house or body of Yahshua the Messiah protected by his blood or life at the entrance of our hearts or minds.

The Jews had to eat the Passover lamb in their houses.  So we must eat or internalize the doctrinal principles or attributes of the spirit of Yahshua the Messiah by learning of him.  He is the Lamb of Yahweh who submitted himself to the will of his father Yahweh and was obedient even unto death on the cross.  The Jews ate Unleavened Bread which is simple, unadulterated, not agitated or fermented, and not puffed up.  So we must partake of the simplicity of the Gospel which is the explanation or spiritual break-down of his body distributed as bread for our souls.  And we must be humble and sincere in receiving it as the pure unadulterated milk of the Word of Truth.  They consumed Bitter Herbs in this most solemn communion before their exodus from bitter bondage imposed on them by Pharaoh.  We must commune with each other in the love of Yahshua and consume all bitter traces of the sin and malice imposed on us by Satan.  Then we can exit our state of carnal mindedness and leave behind our bondage to the fleshly elements of the world as we enter into the Kingdom of Yahweh which is not meat and drink, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Yahshua is the fulfillment and the reality of all righteousness represented in the Passover.  To fully appreciate his spiritual and psychological significance in us, we must examine the symbolic types, shadows and allegories in the Old Testament to learn of him and be translated into his Kingdom from within under the New Testament.

Yahweh spoke to Moses and Aaron in his tent in Egypt and instituted the Passover in Abib or April in the beginning of the migration.  This symbolized the Father, Son and Holy Spirit concealed in a mystery planning out his purpose in heaven declaring the end from the beginning of the creation.  Abib was the first month, the beginning of months.  The Lamb of Yahweh, or Yahshua who was slain from the foundation of the world at the beginning of Yahweh’s purpose when he passed over from inscrutability into discernible shape and form.  This is his specially prepared body full of light or life in which he sacrificed himself to spare those predestined to be saved in him.  This is spiritually fulfilled by Yahshua coming down or entering into us as the Holy Spirit before we are born again as a new creature in Yahshua.

It was cut out on the 10th day showing Yahshua’s concrete manifestation as he first stepped forward to be the sacrifice passing through the gate of the pattern like his spirit enters our tabernacle or body and manifests within us concretely or completely.  It was offered up on the 14th, after 4 days being examined and judged perfect.  Yahshua manifest after 4000 years or 4 days and Yahweh declared him to be his beloved Son in whom he was well pleased.  This is in the midst of the week or at the center of Yahweh’s purpose and plan of ages.  Yahshua is Pure Spirit manifest in perfection or in the Sonship degree, the total embodiment of Yahweh, the fullness of his supernal nature.

One lamb fed a house including their brothers who shared it.  Yahweh is one spirit in one embodiment filling many vessels with his knowledge.  He is too great to be fully comprehended by any man and so he is shared and comes to fill all things.  Yet he is not diminished so there is plenty left over which is burned with fire or remains in abstraction.

The whole assembly kills it in the evening and eats it at night in the house with its blood on the door.  Yahshua died for the whole world as the sun or son went down into darkness or was hid in the earth or creation.  He is received inwardly before the sun or son rises at the dawn of our understanding and new day.  Our soul is thus spared by his grace protected by his blood, life or words sealing us in him.

It was roast with fire or exposed to intense direct heat like Yahshua was tested with the utmost scrutiny and proven perfect, yet he bore humiliation and the penalty of transgression for us.  His spirit embodiment was specially prepared by fire or spirit to be in the fire and not be consumed when he bore the responsibility for our ignorance.  We travel in the strength of his spirit within as they traveled in the strength of that meal.

They ate unleavened bread, a simple basic food.  We eat this gospel with an attitude of humility and gratitude, not being vainly puffed up with our fleshly mind or disturbed.  This is the Passover with the unadulterated principles of sincerity and truth giving thanks to his name.

They drank the liqueur of bitter herbs, a commemorative last taste of the bitter bondage which was consumed and replaced by a sweet new wine of gladness at festivals later in the year.  Likewise, Yahshua tasted of death to free us from the bitter bondage to sin, ignorance and works of the flesh.

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