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  1. Dear Sir, I am asking for your permission for me to print the Books, Transcripts & class materials for my own used and sharing them with my fellow friends. Thankyou.
    Winston Barthorlomew.

  2. Click “transcripts in class materials” then click on the link that will take you to Google drive.click the books transcripts folder and when you open that up you will find all the transcripts

  3. Go to “books transcripts and class materials” then that will take you to the link to Google drive. Click on the Google Drive link and that will take you to books transcripts there you will see the folders that contain Dr Kinley’s transcripts.

  4. I’m looking for transcript number 12 listed under Dr. Kinley’s transcripts. It says that it is in other, but I have not been able to locate it. Can you tell me where it is?

    Thanks so much!
    Shearmaine Calaway

  5. The transcript in the list as #12 is an audio recording only. That is why the list only shows ‘(other)’ and has no location reference. You can find the audio in ‘H.C. Kinley Lectures (other)’ folder under ‘Audio recordings’ on google drive as described at top of list, [audio recordings being shown in parentheses]. Peace.

  6. The charts, books, transcripts (and more) have been an amazing and invaluable resource that I can use when I don’t have my books with me. I would love to see the 8 additional plates from Dr. B. Mitchell’s 48 plate chart posted. Thank you in advance for this magnificent labor of LOVE in Yahshua the Messiah.

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