IDMR Lansing 2016 Picnic & 40 Plate Chart Workshop Study Materials

IDMR Lansing 2016 Picnic & 40 Plate Chart Workshop Study Materials

click here for 40 plate in color:  40 Plate Chart – Basic 3 Fold Principles

Thank you again new visitors, friends of friends, members of IDMR Lansing, Saginaw, MI., Southfield, MI., Springfield, OH., Hamilton, CA, Northside Chicago, IL., Southside Chicago, Lewisburg, WV, Detroit, MI and Muskegon, MI for your attendance of IDMR Lansing annual Picnic 2016.

We had a 10:30am class for children, thank you for all who participated. Later on around 1PM, the adults participated in a 40 Plate, very productive, workshop exercising the 3-foldness imaging the 3-fold intangible Tabernacle Pattern (in which all things are made by Exodus 25:8). The lecture began around 4pm.Link to Saturday Lecture at IDMR Lansing 2016 Picnic. 9am Sunday morning, we had another 40 Plate workshop session that was outstanding! Outstanding because of the complete learning atmosphere of love and patience that could be felt. Our regular class Sunday July 17 2016 was at 11am  and we ended the day with the Players for our farewell dinner until next time.

As promised below is the link to the basic study for your personal use and to share with members of your class for exercise. Thank you again for you continued love in our Messiah Yahshua.

Click link to download study sheet: IDMR -W- basic-3 foldness-40 Plate Chart – 8.5×11

40 Plate Chart #1-5

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