Why Joshua Went Atop Mt Sinai When Yahweh Instructed Moses to Come Alone

Why Joshua Went Atop Mt Sinai When Yahweh Instructed Moses to Come Alone


Discusses the 3 trips of Moses when Yahweh Elohim showed Moses in the 40 days and 40 nights on Mount Sinai.
Rev 10:4, Exodus 24:9-10, Genesis 1:1

Click this link to view video on ustream.tv/channel/idmrlansing Moses and Minister Joshua Go up into the Mount of Elohim

1st Trip

  • Moses was called of Yahweh-Elohim to Mount Sinai
  • Told to clean up against the 3rd day when
  • He would speak the 10 commandment law from thick cloud that covered the mount
  • Exodus 19:1
  • This indicates that the creation that followed came in by Eternal Spirit Law.

2nd Trip

  • Explanation of the 7 days Moses saw the days of creation  including the Sabbath  as seen in a vision by Moses in its virtuous state before sin was committed.
  • Moses sees Adam at Rest in the the Garden of Eden when the creation was finished, as recorded in Genesis 1:1
  •  33 remaining days of the 40 days that Moses was in Mount Sinai (with Adam at rest in the Garden of Eden)
  • Receiving instructions for the construction and operation of the Tabernacle.
  • Moses also saw the book with all the names of the generations of man
  • Children of Israel build Golden Calf
  • Moses breaks the  first Table of Stones Exodus 25th chapter through the 31st chapter

3rd Trip

  • Moses takes his own tables of stones into Mount Sinai where Yahweh-Elohim rewrites the Law on them as He did the first stones which Moses broke
  • Moses was shown, in a vision a recapitulation of the seven (7) days of creation including the Sabbath before the Fall of Adam, as recorded in the second and third chapters of Genesis.
  • 33 remaining days of the 40 days the Moses was in Mount Sinai, Moses was shown by vision, the genealogies and historical events, of the offspring of Adam and Eve after the transgression, which comprised the rest of the book of Genesis and Exodus, extending to Moses’s own birth and life.
  • Gen 2:4 creation/ Yahweh Elohim
  • Day of Yahweh
  • Dust of the ground

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  1. yahsayah
    Isaiah Black says:

    YAHSHUA (Joshua) was on the mount because of who He truly was. Exodus 23: 20-22. Verse 22 obey His voice and do all that I speak. Exodus 33:11 Spoke to Him face to face. Judges 2:1-6 other ways He shows.

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