Recent Recordings

Live :  Wednesday & Friday 7PM – 9PM and Sunday’s 11AM – 1PM

Free Lecture:  Join us at 4573 Willoughby Rd Suite E, Holt, MI  48842

2 thoughts on “Recent Recordings”

  1. The “principle” of death, burial, and resurrection within the example given of Yahweh, Elohim turning Moses hand into ” the disease of leprosy(death), having Moses put his hand in his bosom(burial) Moses plucking his name out of his chest(resurrection)… Peace and love in Yahshua…

  2. All Praise unto Yahshua… What a “Beautiful, Spiritual Edifying class (obedience unto Yahshua “IS” Love, Peace, and Joy!!!! HalleluYah (tears of “Joy” unto Yahshua)… I so “appreciate” the extra effort taken to continue “Songs of Praise Unto Yahshua”

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